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40Ft Side Loader Container

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1. What is a side loader trailer for a container?

2. How does the side loader load the container onto the trailer?

3. How do you unload a shipping container?-Shipping Container Transport Guide

1. What is a side loader trailer for a container?

40Ft side loader container is a self-loading trailer, typically skeletal, with two hydraulic lifting cranes to lift a container onto it. It can be operated by the driver using controls on the side of the trailer or remote control. 

Empty 40Ft Side Loader Container. Each 40ft side loader container has two chains to connect to the corners of the container. The cranes sit on a rail and can be moved to position the container in the right location for the iso locks and for weight distribution.

40Ft Side Loader Container trailer testing video display40Ft Side Loader Container Trailer Testing Video Display

Side Loader Container Advantages

40Ft Sideloaders container enables easier and efficient handling of 20-40 foot containers. The first stage of handling involves the grounding of your container. 

This is done with a 40ft side loader container which is a trailer fitted with cranes at both ends. This arrangement allows for loading and unloading containers to or from the ground. 

The actual time taken by the 40ft side loader container trailer to load or offload the container is only a few minutes and it eliminates the lengthy time and effort needed to coordinate between the trailer driver and the crane operator to get the job done. The main advantage of using this system is that the whole procedure is carried out at a ground level where it is both faster and safer. This also reduces the potential for accidents to workers and damage to goods.

1.For the 40ft side loader container can move forwards and backward, so it can lift both 20’ and 40’ container

2.With wireless remote control system, the controller is imported from famous brand, simple operation and reliable slightly movement

The manual operation is still kept for the emergency situation; The solenoid proportional value is imported, operated accurately

3.With dual speed for idle loading and heavy loading; Dual pumps and dual circuits, not influenced by unbalancing loading

40Ft Side Loader Container For Sale40Ft Side Loader Container For Sale

4.With intelligent safety protection system, the dangerous operation will be cut off intelligently; With safety control device for whole side loader container, with a key switch

5.Installed imported central lubrication system, electric control is simply; the structure parts are made of high strength steel and parts stress test.

Sideloader Container Loading Applications

1.40Ft side loader container trailer can transfer containers to other trailers, trailers and trains, or onto the ground, where they can also double-stack containers.

2.Container loading and unloading can take place on the ground, reducing the risk of injury. Waiting time for other lifting type machinery to become available is eliminated, as is the need for expensive ground preparation. This not only saves money for the transport operator; it also saves time for importers, manufacturers and distributors.

Side Loader Chassis ManufacturerSide Loader Chassis Manufacturer

3.The side loader container is the most versatile and cost-effective piece of equipment for loading containers on the ground. Container transfers can now take place anywhere that is safe and convenient. This can be at rail yards, transportation depots or any suitable rail siding.


2. How does the side loader load the container onto the trailer?

1.As containers come in different lengths and weights, the cranes can slide along the trailer chassis to move to the best location for lifting, and so that they place the container in the optimum position for the best weight distribution.

2.The 40ft side loader container extends and places outriggers on either side of the container to prevent the trailer from tipping. Once the outriggers are fully extended, the driver is ready to connect the chains.

3.This leg is fully extended. You can see the danger area for the lift zone marked on the leg. The chains are connected to the bottom corners of the container using the fixings. Once the lifting starts, it’s important that the driver stays well clear of the lifting zone.

4.The driver positions the 40ft side loader container next to the container. The power to the side loader is provided by the PTO or power take off.

Details of 40ft side loader container truckDetails of 40ft side loader container trailer

Depending on the model, side loaders can also lift other types of loads that can be correctly slung using the chains, such as prefabricated concrete, swap bodies, trailers, tanks, pipes, cable drums and heavy machinery. Some applications might require additional attachments such as a spreader bar.

Using a 40ft side loader container, a driver can load or unload a container in less than five minutes, This also means that only one person is involved in the lift, leading to improved safety factors.

Some models can also load a container onto another adjacent trailer or rail wagon or can stack one container on top of another that is at ground level.

As the weight of the load is taken through the trailer’s wheels, side loaders are versatile in situations that other machinery might struggle in.

Drawing of Container Side Loader TrailerDrawing of Container Side Loader Trailer


3. How do you unload a shipping container?-Shipping Container Transport Guide

1.Remember to stand at the same side as goods lifted to ensure the best visibility of the load and adopt natural and normal operation mode. All the moving parts of the machine are driven by hydraulic, when you find abnormal sound during operation, stop operation at once, restart operation after get rid of faults.

2. When load just leaves the ground, please ensure there is no obstacle in load traveling direction. Do not make the container center beyond the stabilizer limits, otherwise, it may result in overturn accident. Be sure to keep all wheels in contact with the ground when extending stabilizers. During operation, do not retract stabilizers.

3.During lifting, make sure the lifter act smoothly and steady, if the container swing being lifted because of abrupt operation, stop the operation at once, restart the operation after quieting down

4.During operation of loading and unloading of the side loader container, if you have not a clear view in foreside, stop operation to check, do not operate blindly.

5.When perform inspection and maintenance work, be sure to avoid a collision, and do no-knock the parts fiercely to prevent them from distortion, and keep these parts from dust when working on them, in addition, add and inject grease to prolong their service life.

Customer Visited TITAN Factory of Side Loader ContainerCustomer Visited TITAN Factory of Side Loader Container

Other Precautions:

The operator must obey the operating rules, and keep irrelevant personnel away from no-go zone. The operator shall not leave the operating position when lifting load or crane is Running.

It is forbidden to operate the side lift under the high-voltage power line. Provide sufficient lighting so that machine movements and loads can be clearly seen.

When you perform inspection and maintenance, be sure to stop the engine and set all cylinders to the fully closed state.



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I have been using it for 3 years, very durable, the boom is very strong, it is a very good helper for me. This year I will buy 37 ton sidelifter trailers in one go.