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Container Side Loader Trailer

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1. Introduction To Side Loader Trailer--Application of container loader side loading trailer

2. How does side loader trailer work?-Purpose, Design and Benefits

3. Side Loader Trailer Package and shipping

4. Container Sidelifter Design Features

5. How does the side loader load the container onto the trailer?

6. container loader side loader  product advantages

7. container loader Side Loader Self Loading Container Chassis

8. What is a side loader trailer for a container?

9. This is how container side loader trailer work.

10. How do you move a 20 foot container?

11.Considerations for container side loader trailer for sale Transport

1. Introduction To Side Loader Trailer--Application of container loader side loading trailer

container loader side loader trailer easily adapts to your operations, making it safe and secure, even in rough operations. It can lift the heaviest containers, even badly positioned or with unevenly reported load inside. The double extension stabilizers give it impressive stability, allowing you to work on soft or uneven ground. The multiple applications possible with the side lifter make it an indispensable tool for your organization, whether it is for transfers, grounding, lifting, or double stacking.

side loader trailer video displaycontainer loader Side Loader Trailer Video Display

1.Double stacking of containers

Lack of space is a recurrent feature of today’s logistics world. Double stacking of containers can be a very useful and economic solution. container loader side loader trailer manufacturer can double stack two high cube containers on the ground without chain shorteners. It avoids investing in specific equipment.  

2.Transfer from/to other trailers

When several containers must be delivered in the same yard, container loader Side Lifter can pick up the containers on the companion trailers to ground them. Waiting time for trailers and trailers is drastically reduced, thus improving the efficiency and profitability of each trip.

Side Loader Chassis20/40ft Side Lifter Chassis - container loader Trailer

3. Grounding and lifting of containers

Grounding and lifting represent 90% of a 40Ft Container Handler container Loader trailers' tasks. Once on the ground, the Side Lifter trailer price goes to another job, while the container can be stuffed or unstuffed more easily, without the need for specific infrastructures such as platforms or loading ramps. Forklifts can therefore enter the container. container loader trailer for sale range of equipment allows handling containers even on rough ground.

Side Loader Price37/40/45 Ton container loader Side Loader Chassis

2. How does the container loader trailer work?-Purpose, Design and Benefits

The 45 ton lifting capacity ensures easy handling of uneven containers. The 40Ft Container Handler container Loader trailer is adjusted from 20 feet hydraulic operation up to 45 feet can be completed quickly. You don't need to arrange large forklifts or mobile cranes to load container trailers on the job site. It can load, transport and stack any type of container up to 2 levels, including pallets from 20 feet to 45 feet.

Design advantage

1. The design of the lift cylinder and the knuckle legs in a straight line provides multiple advantages for the container loader Side Lifter trailer. When the knuckle legs are in the working position, the momentum arm from the lift cylinder is doubled; this keeps the cylinder diameter small. By integrating the crane and outriggers online, the container loader trailer is only slightly longer than the standard container trailer. 

2. When the crane outrigger is folded to the transport position, it takes up less space than the cross-section of the container. Due to this configuration, the momentum from the lifting cylinder is directly transmitted from the knuckle leg down to the ground. Therefore, the stress in the crane base and chassis is minimized, and there is no twist between the main boom and the outrigger.

Customers feedback of Side Loader craneCustomers feedback of Side Loader Crane

3. The welding structure of the crane is made of ultra-high-strength steel, which can ensure the highest possible strength while still reducing the load to increase the load. Each 40Ft Container Handler container Loader trailer includes the main boom, which has a 2-step telescopic boom and is operated by a double-acting telescopic cylinder integrated with the arm gear.

Benefits of container loader trailer

1. Due to design reasons, the container loader side loader crane has a very low tare weight.

The integrated security of container loader side loader makes handling easy and worry-free. The unique geometry in the design prevents accidental placement of the container in an unstable position. This means you don’t have to deal with additional cantilever brackets at the rear of the container loader trailer, so you can reduce the number of maintenance parts.

Details of Side Loader SpecificationDetails of 40Ft Side Loader Specification

2. All cylinders on the container loader side loader are equipped with sturdy low-friction bearings and have special lubrication chambers to provide excellent lubrication, low maintenance cost and long life. All cylinders on the sideloader trailer are double-acting, with honing / roller polishing cylinders and hard chrome-plated and polished cylinder rods.

3. Sideloader is equipped with a momentum limiting valve. The directional control valve for smooth operation is provided by a heavy-duty, high-pressure, fixed displacement piston pump powered by the power output shaft.

3. Side Loader Trailer Package and shipping

The 40Ft Container Handler container Loader trailer transport trailer is generally delivered by bulk carriers or ro-ro ships. Before delivery, we spray the entire trailer with wax, and important parts such as the boom are covered with a layer of rain cloth.

If ports are without bulk carriers, we will ship by container.

We can provide services online for 24 hours. Besides, we also provide after-sales service abroad for you. Our technical staff will tell you more ways to teach you to operate it and maintenance face to face. It is more clear for you. If you need it, our technical staff can go to your country to serve you.

Of course, welcome to visit our factory. Many customers visited our factory and placed the order semi trailer. We believe that it can help you.

Side Loader Trailer Package and ShippingSide Loader Trailer For Sale of Package and Shipping

4. Container Sidelifter Design Features

It can load-transport-unload any kind of container between 10′ and 45′. Adjusting the cranes to suit a particular container is done by hydraulic in a few seconds, and the 40Ft Container Handler container Loader trailer for sale is controlled by radio remote control. Using a 40Ft Container Handler container Loader trailer for sale eliminates large forklifts and mobile cranes, the 40Ft Container Handler container Loader trailer for sale does the job itself.

As standard, container lifters for sale are lifting 36 tons, doing double stacking, and transporting 20´ to 40´ containers on European approved trailers. The container lifters for sale have an optimized and slim design, which makes the length of the trailer the shortest on market.

The design and power in cranes and support legs make it possible for the operator to lift the containers five meters out from the trailer, which makes the operation much more efficient since the position of trailer becomes less important.

The Container side loader that has just been completed has been sent to Guinea. The customer learned about us from a local friend. He found us in and informed us of his requirements. We gave him several options. The customer spent a long time understanding the details of the container Side Lifter, we also try our best to answer every question of the customer. The end customer decided to buy a 40ft container side loader.

Side Loader Trailer for SaleSide Loader Trailer for Sale

The customer is also worried about the operation problem because This is the customer's first use. We inform customers that the operation is very simple. And many customers who first used it, learned it for about 1 day. Each of our container Side Lifters will be given a detailed operation manual and operation video. Of course, we will also provide online help 24 hours.

Our customer says:

Since the purchase of our first container lifters, we have been confirmed in less maintenance compared to competing models in our fleet and had become new maneuverability when the container can be deposited 2 meters from the trailer. Very satisfied.”

5. How does the side loader load the container onto the trailer?

1. As containers come in different lengths and weights, the cranes can slide along the trailer chassis to move to the best location for lifting, and so that they place the container in the optimum position for the best weight distribution.

2. The container side loader 40ft side loader container extends and places outriggers on either side of the container to prevent the trailer from tipping. Once the outriggers are fully extended, the driver is ready to connect the chains.

3. This leg is fully extended. You can see the danger area for the lift zone marked on the leg. The chains are connected to the bottom corners of the container using the fixings. Once the lifting starts, it’s important that the driver stays well clear of the lifting zone.

4. The driver positions the 40ft side loader container next to the container. The power to the side loader is provided by the PTO or power take-off.

Details of 40ft side loader container truckDetails of 40ft side loader container trailer

Depending on the model, side loaders can also lift other types of loads that can be correctly slung using the chains, such as prefabricated concrete, swap bodies, trailers, tanks, pipes, cable drums and heavy machinery. Some applications might require additional attachments such as a spreader bar.

Using a container loader 40ft side loader container, a driver can load or unload a container in less than five minutes, This also means that only one person is involved in the lift, leading to improved safety factors.

Some models can also load a container onto another adjacent trailer or rail wagon or can stack one container on top of another that is at ground level.As the weight of the load is taken through the trailer’s wheels, container side loaders are versatile in situations that other machinery might struggle in.

6. container loader side loader product advantages

container loader side loader has a long average trouble-free working time, stable and reliable performance, compact and reasonable layout, beautiful and stylish, easy to use and easy to maintain.

1. Electro-hydraulic load adaptation

The use of high and low-pressure double pumps, and the combination of flow through the split valve to supply oil to the two cranes at the front and the rear, can realize the large flow of the dual pumps at the same time under low-pressure working conditions and the low-pressure pump under high pressure working conditions The small flow rate for high-pressure unloading ensures the efficiency and quality of hoisting operations.

This technology can not only ensure the stability of the speed switching of the crane under high and low-pressure conditions but also make full use of the output power of the engine, which is more economical.

2. Sliding container side self-loading and unloading transport trailer

Through the sliding movement of the front and rear cranes, the loading and unloading of 20ft or 40ft containers or similar containers can be realized. The application range is wide and the versatility is good, which greatly expands the use of the equipment.

3. container loader side loader  with lifting chain twist lock device + automatic storage

The repetitiveness of the operator's transport chain collection and unloading chain loading is eliminated, and the safety during driving is also greatly improved; after the operation is completed, the hoisting chain during the boom recovery process is realized by optimizing the movement trajectory of the hoisting point and the chain closing position The automatic storage greatly improves the comfort of operation and the safety of the whole trailer.

The lifting chain twist-lock mechanism for container loading and unloading, the twist lock is automatically rotated and locked in the container corner during the packing operation, and will not fall off, ensuring safety during operation; during transportation, the twist-lock can still be automatically locked through the limit device.

Side Loader Trailer for Sale

4. Reasonable matching of safety systems

The application of high-strength steel plates has passed advanced software analysis and rigorous testing to ensure safety and reliability; at the same time, high-quality hydraulic seals, high-level electrical protection, safe and reliable locking mechanisms, and practical and safe emergency stop functions have also been added. Security guarantee.

During the operation of container loader side loader, there is an intelligent anti-tipping protection system on one side of the outrigger to monitor the stability of the whole machine in real-time. If there is a danger of tilting, it can automatically alarm and effectively lock; the other side of the outrigger is protected by a baffle to prevent The container enters the dangerous area.

5. Control system optimization technology

The panel and handle of the remote control are human-oriented and conform to the movement trend of the machine. Proportional control realizes step-less speed regulation to ensure smooth operation of the whole machine and accurate control of subtle movements.

The container loader side loader reasonably matches the combination of a remote wireless control remote control and a load-sensitive electro-hydraulic proportional multi-way valve with pressure compensation in front of the valve. The remote control operation is safe, comfortable, and convenient.

6. Double pumps and double branches

The whole trailer is powered by an engine with an adjustable speed, and the hydraulic oil output by the double pump is

After the confluence valve group, it is transported to the series-connected front and rear container loader side loader multi-way valve group to drive their respective actuators, which has a wider range of linkage adaptability, which greatly guarantees the stability and reliability of the hoisting process.

Boxloader Side Lifter

7. container loader Side Loader Self Loading Container Chassis

The container loader side loader is ideal for placing shipping containers precisely anywhere a trailer can access them and then loading or unloading containers on the ground.

container loader side loader can be performed on the ground, reducing the risk of injury. Eliminates the time waiting for other lift-type machinery to become available and the need for expensive ground preparation. This not only saves transport operators money; it also saves importers, manufacturers and distributors time.

container loader side loader is the most versatile and cost-effective equipment for loading containers on the ground. Container transfers can now take place anywhere that is safe and convenient. This can be in a port, rail yard, container yard, or any suitable location. container loader side loaders can transfer containers to other trailers, trailers and trains, or to the ground, where they can also double stack containers.

It also frees up people and equipment for other tasks, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs. Another great advantage of the container loader side loader is the ability to transport loaded containers to the ground.

On-road transfer side lifts allow operators to easily load containers onto a companion trailer. This means that in addition to hauling its own containers, the container loader side loader can load and unload entire fleets of containers without having to relocate separate heavy lifting equipment. Operators have the ability to transfer fully loaded containers without waiting for other lifting types of machinery to arrive.

 The container loader side loader is ideal for rail transport as it does not require a lot of expensive infrastructures, just enough space to load and unload rail cars. Goods or products can be loaded directly into containers on the ground at the point of production and quickly transported to rail sidings. No need for double processing.

Boxloader Side Loader

container loader side loader is used to lift a 20ft container or a 40ft container in ports, stations, freight yards, and the trailer hydraulic system is powered by the tractor PTO, which can be wirelessly controlled and manually operated.

The container loader side loader works in multiple directions, allowing you to quickly and safely move containers up to 40 or 20 feet. You can also choose to stack them together to make the most of your space. Best of all, they can be easily loaded and unloaded in tight spaces, so maximum value can be achieved in busy warehouses and intercity locations.

The rugged, reliable and minimal maintenance container loader side loader can operate on any terrain, making it a smart choice for your container shipping needs. Depending on your usage, buying a container side loader from an experienced shipping company may be more economical and easier than buying the product, and you won't have to worry about maintenance.

When it comes to container loading, several loaders and trailers do a great job. However, the container loader side loader not only does the job, but the container loader side loader is also more efficient than other, more traditional loaders. Saving time in loading containers can reduce the cost per trip. With the development of international trade, the use of containers is increasing, the container shipping industry is also developing rapidly, and the mode of container transportation is also changing. This also makes the use of the container loader side loader all the more important.

The container loader side loader offers a narrower, more practical design compared to a forklift. Its added versatility and ability to work in tight spaces means you can drive the side loader spec directly next to the container for easy loading and unloading.

8. What is a side loader trailer for a container?

Container side loader trailer handle containers in areas where space is limited. The container side loader quickly and safely stacks 20ft and 40ft fully loaded, hazardous and fragile containers on top of each other. Side loader can be productive all day, loading, transporting and unloading containers then moving onto the next job. There is just one piece of equipment to manage and maintain, reducing your operating costs. Container side loader trailer can transport more than just containers. They can handle up to 45 tonnes of cargo, industrial equipment, special trailers and specialized containers e.g. fuel, portable buildings, etc.

The loading and unloading of containers can take place on the ground, reducing the risk of injury. The waiting time is eliminated so that other lift-type machines are available, as well as the need for expensive land preparation. This not only saves money for the transport operator; It also saves time for importers, manufacturers, and distributors. When transporting a container side loader trailer by road, operators can easily load containers into trailers without the help of cranes.

Container Side Loader Trailer Video DisplayContainer Side Loader Trailer Video Display


9. This is How Container Side Loader Trailer Work.

1.The driver will conduct a site inspection to make sure there is adequate space for him to safely unload the container. A side loader drives into position and then offloads to the driver’s side of the trailer, the container once grounded will sit approximately 500mm from and parallel to the trailer.

2. Operators have the ability to transfer fully loaded containers, without the need to wait for other lifting type machinery to arrive or become available. This eliminates the cost associated with leaving trailers on site and increases the opportunities for the number of pick-ups and drop-offs in each cycle. 

Container Side Loader Trailer For SaleContainer Side Loader Trailer For Sale

3.It can also free up staff and equipment for other tasks, thus increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs. Another great advantage to transport operators is the capacity to deliver loaded containers to the importer/customer on the ground for them to unpack in their own time, leaving the transport operator free to attend to the next job. 

4.The container side loader trailer driver can unload the container in minutes on his own, moving 20ft and 40ft containers using the same piece of container side loader trailer. There is no need for additional equipment or personnel, so saving on additional costs. Containers can be safely transferred to the ground in just minutes, increasing efficiencies and productivity.

5.Differentiated cargo can be loaded and unloaded without disruption to the client's business. The side loader action allows containers to be safely placed exactly where the client requires it, for ease of access to load and unload as required.

Details of Container Side Loader Trailer ManufacturerDetails of Container Side Loader Trailer Manufacturer


10. How do you move a 20 foot container?

Technical characteristics of Container Side Loader

1. TITAN container side loader integrates the functions of loading, unloading and transporting containers, which is efficient and reliable;

2. The main supporting assembly uses well-known domestic brands with reliable quality and safe operation; The longitudinal beam of the container side loader trailer frame adopts a high-section variable-section design, and the crane structural parts are welded with high-strength steel plates. The entire trailer has undergone stress testing to meet the load-bearing requirements;

Drawing of Container Side LoaderDrawing of Container Side Loader

3.TITAN container side loader can slide back and forth to adapt to the loading and unloading and transportation of standard 20-foot and 40-foot containers; The wireless remote control system is adopted for lifting operation, equipped with imported remote control, which is easy to operate and reliable in micro-movement;

4. Retain manual emergency operation mode and safety insurance; TITAN container side loader is equipped with imported electromagnetic proportional valves for precise control; No-load and heavy-load double-speed operation;

5.The crane adopts a dual-pump dual-circuit hydraulic system, which is not affected by unbalanced load and operates reliably;

6.Hoisting operation adopts intelligent safety protection system to intelligently lock dangerous operations. The trailer safety control system is equipped with a one-key flameout switch; TITAN container side loader is equipped with imported centralized lubrication system, and the electric control is easy to operate;

Customer feedback of Container Side Loader PriceCustomer feedback of Container Side Loader Price


11. Considerations for container side loader trailer for sale Transport

If you are thinking of using container side loader trailer delivery for your business, there are some points to take into consideration. This mainly involves making sure your site is appropriate to accommodate this type of trailer. As flexible as the use of a container side loader trailer is, please pay attention to  something:

1.Make sure you have at least 4.2 meters height for travel under trees, power lines, factory/house eves, and doorways. As well, the lifting arms will need about 6.5 meters during unloading, so be sure you allow for this much space above where the unloading will take place.

2.The land underneath where the container side loader trailer is unloading will need to be relatively level and sealed or compacted. If the site is sloped, the container side loader may still be able to unload by parking across from the slope.


3.The cargo container is offloaded from the trailer onto the ground via the trailer’s drivers’ side parallel to the side of the trailer and about half a meter away. There will need to be at least three to four meters of clear space in front of the container side loader for it to leave after unloading.

4.Although most cargo containers are 2.44 meters wide, there needs to be an opening of at least 2.9 meters wide to fully accommodate the trailer.

Container side loaders are specialized lift trailers designed for areas that are extremely tight or where loads are longer than normal and need to be transported in a sideways direction. It is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use, able to withstand the elements and endure heavy use year after year.

Transport goods with ease, and in a safe and efficient manner. Get in touch with us today and ask us about our container side loader.

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Thanks to Canaday for helping me improve the efficiency of loading and unloading containers. With the manual, it is easier for me to operate the side lifter trailer. Yesterday, I just paid the side loader trailer deposit, I hope to receive my side loader trailer as soon as possible.
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Side loader trailer quality is very good. It has been running for 2 weeks. I have to say that their boom is very strong. And the quality is very good. He can carry up to 40Ton.
Emmanuel from Kenya - 2022-03-09T17:03:33+0800
Our company is mainly responsible for container logistics at the terminal. So the side lifter is very suitable for us. It integrates container handling and transportation functions. When arriving at the port, it is wrapped with rain cloth to prevent seawater erosion. Very professional manufacturer.
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I highly recommend TITAN container side loader. Not only does it improve my work efficiency, it shortens my work time. And my clients are more than happy to work with me. increased my income.