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1. What is Sidelifters?

2. How to use the wireless remote about the side lifters?

3. Benefits of Using Side Lifter Trailer

4. Transport 20Ft Container Side Lifter trailer For Sale

5. Remote Working Around a Side Lifter Trailer Improves Safety

6. What is Container Side Lifter?

7. Do you know the type of container side lifter?

8. What you need to know about design features of container side cabinets?

9.Precautions for the design of container jacks

10. What should you know about the benefits of using container side lifts?

11. What is the name of the trailer that carries the container?

12. Advantages TITAN Container Side Lifter

1. What is Sidelifters?

sidelifters adopts remote control which is made to order for the ambient environment, performance need, operation process, and standard, What we used is a wireless remote control, its receiver needs to fixed installation, The protection grade of the receiver is very high, it can be installed in the open air. but it may prolong the service life of the receiver is installed in the electric control cabinet.

sidelifters Trailer includes 20ft self loader trailer, 20ft, 40ft side lifter crane. side lifter is becoming more and more popular. Side lift crane trailers are designed to increase various productivity. You will be able to reduce transportation costs, increase profits and have a competitive advantage.

Side Lifters For SaleSide Lifters video display

As a professional semi-trailer manufacturer, product quality must be guaranteed, must have the following conditions.

1.Strict quality standards

dedicated team is committed to strictly complying with quality standards throughout the manufacturing center and following a strict continuous improvement plan. The company's core characters (CEO Hero) personally guide and do it with their own hands. Only to provide customers with the best products. Provide the best safety control system in the world.

2.Innovation is the key

Active R & D motivation has been the key to helping maintain its leading position. It is important to reduce tare weight, increase operating speed and reduce manufacturing costs. Other requirements include safety, component reliability and modularity of sub-component design. 

Details of Side Lifters ManufacturerDetails of Side Lifters Manufacturer

3.Quality materials and components

is committed to using the highest quality materials and components in its equipment. They conduct detailed assessments of each supplier to ensure that consistent high standards are met. chooses high-strength steel with excellent fatigue toughness from many world-class steel producers. The material is hardened quickly by cooling the red hot metal, and then the heating speed is reduced and cooled slowly to eliminate brittleness. Super tough steel-the strongest and lightest material is the best choice for sidelifters container trailer.

4.Best cost of life

The design purpose of side lifter trailer is to obtain the best service interval, lower maintenance cost, lower operating cost and higher resale value, thus lowering the cost of ownership as a whole, thus providing consumers with each The best price for container prices.

JOST Landing gear Of Sidelifters PriceJOST Landing gear Of Sidelifters Price

5.Warranty and after-sales support

sidelifters container is committed to meeting the needs of customers around the world, and now provides a warranty for the crane structure. sidelifters is the most versatile and cost-effective equipment for loading containers on the ground.

2. How to use the wireless remote about the side lifters?

1.Knob switch is start and alarm switch:

The system gets through power just or enters into a sleeping state, only shift the switch can start remote control ( alarm sending out a signal at this time). When need to give the alarm, shift the switch to the position marked, when release it, the switch will back to the original position, an alarm is stopped.

Knob switch also used for compulsory operation after anti-turnover control. Shift switch to the once, shield anti-turnover of is only available shift it again after 30s interval.

2.Self-lock switch is used for controlling speed: high speed is denoted by the “rabbit” pattern; high speed is denoted by “tortoise” pattern.used for selecting operation mode: 0-no operation, L-LEG-leg operation mode, B-BOOM-boom operation mode.

Wireless Remote Controller Of Sidelifter Container TrailerWireless Remote Controller Of Sidelifters Container Trailer

3. Emergency stop, press emergency stop and power are switched off, all movement stopped.

4. Self-lock switch, used for selecting operation mode: when non-synchronization: left side handle to control the motion of front lifting, and the right side handles to control the motion of rear lifting; when synchronization: left side handle can control the motion of front and rear lifting simultaneously, the right side handle has no effect.

5. The handles on the top of both sides are universal proportion handle, used for lifting/dropping upper boom, swinging down boom, lifting/dropping support leg, retracting/extending support leg.

6. Remote control or other place is equipped with a buzzer, which is used for warning person of the low power supply , of course, at the same time, buzzer can sounds to warn persons of the condition.

7. Other button and knob switch is spare.

3. Benefits of Using  Side Lifter Trailer

1.Excellent lifting capacity:

The standard weight of the  side loader trailer self-contained container trailer trailer is 37 tons, and it can also provide full capacity of 45 tons. It gives you the opportunity to make many container moves every day. You can safely transfer the colorant to the ground in minutes. This improves efficiency and productivity. Not many operators and equipment are needed in the lifting operation.

2.Save time and get more value

With the self-loading container trailer trailer, the driver of the trailer can complete the loading and unloading operation of the container by himself within 5 minutes, and then the trailer is on the road again. No need to wait for other heavy lifting equipment.

Side Lifter Truck For SaleSide Lifter trailer For Sale - Side Lifters

3. Power take-off or diesel APU:

equips your trailer with a power take-off, which is the best solution for maximum reliability, service and economy. Control the engine throttle size and engine speed to improve work efficiency.

5. Flexible solutions

The sidelifters container trailer for sale can unload the container by himself in just a few minutes, without the need for additional personnel or equipment. This makes your operations cost effective. The most important thing to note is the telescopic chassis of the side lift, also known as the trombone chassis. This type of chassis allows the device to shrink and expand, providing the space needed to accommodate a 20ft, 40ft or 45ft container.

It can handle container movements on any type of terrain and can be transported on low cost dry cargo terminals. It can safely handle fragile, valuable and dangerous cargo.

4. Transport 20Ft Container Side Lifter trailer For Sale

Installation device:

1. When the boom is folded and retracted, it should be stable, accurate, without crawling, chattering, impact and abnormal increase in driving power. The lifting cylinder of the boom is equipped with a balanced valve to ensure that the load stops reliably in the air. When the pipeline suddenly bursts, the balance valve acts as a hydraulic lock to keep the heavy objects stationary. 

2. The alarm devices of various safety protection boxes of the sidelifte should be accurate, sensitive and reliable. The outrigger cylinder should be equipped with a two-way hydraulic lock to ensure safe operation and driving.

3. The remote control device of the 20ft side lifter trailer is equipped with an emergency stop switch. When an emergency occurs, people can quickly press this button to achieve protection measures.

4. When the sidelifters drop heavy objects, they can control the falling speed of the heavy objects to avoid Overspeed. All operating handles and buttons should be light and flexible, work reliably, and be reasonably arranged, and be easy to operate. It should avoid the interference of various manipulating actions or easily cause misoperation.

20Ft Side Lifter Container Transport20Ft Side Lifter Container Transport

Technical characteristics:

1. TITAN sidelifter is equipped with an imported centralized lubrication system, and the electric control is easy to operate; the Hoisting operation adopts an intelligent safety protection system to intelligently lock dangerous operations.

2. The longitudinal beam of the 20ft side lifter trailer frame adopts a high-section variable-section design, and the crane structural parts are welded with high-strength steel plates. The entire trailer has undergone stress testing to meet the load-bearing requirements; Retain manual emergency operation mode and safety insurance;

3. The main supporting assembly uses well-known domestic brands with reliable quality and safe operation; The wireless remote control system is adopted for lifting operation, equipped with imported remote control, which is easy to operate and reliable in micro-movement; TITAN 20ft side lifter trailer is equipped with imported electromagnetic proportional valves for precise control;

4. The 20ft side lifter trailer safety control system is equipped with a one-key flameout switch; The crane adopts a dual-pump dual-circuit hydraulic system, which is not affected by unbalanced load and operates reliably;

5. TITAN side lifter trailer can slide back and forth to adapt to the loading and unloading and transportation of standard 20ft side lifter trailer; TITAN SB362 20ft side lifter trailer integrates the functions of loading, unloading and transporting containers, which is efficient and reliable;

Drawing of 20Ft Side Lifter Truck ManufacturerDrawing of 20Ft Side Lifter trailer Manufacturer - Sidelifter

Hydraulic system:

1. Hydraulic pressure gauge

The hydraulic system is equipped with a high-pressure filter at the pump outlet and an oil return filter in the oil return line. When the hydraulic components and pipelines are operated under normal working pressure or test pressure, there will be no system failure or excessive temperature. Used to ensure the cleanliness of hydraulic oil.

2. Fuel tank

The fuel tank should adopt a single-box double-cavity structure. The cavity and the cavity are completely isolated. One cavity is used to store diesel fuel required for the diesel engine to work, and the other cavity is used to store hydraulic oil. The oil tank should be installed with a level gauge, oil return filter, breathing valve and bottom oil port.

3. Overflow valve

The hydraulic system can realize high-speed (low pressure) and low-speed (high pressure) operation. At high speed, the system pressure passes through the high and low speed relief valve to ensure the safety of high-speed operation. The main control relief valve pressure is set to 4200 Psi during low speed operation, thus ensuring the safety of the system during low speed operation.

4. Hose, rigid pipe and pipe joint

The minimum burst pressure of the hose is at least 4 times the maximum working pressure, and the minimum burst pressure of the hard pipe and joint is at least 2.5 times the working pressure.

Customer feedback of 20Ft Side Lifter Truck PriceCustomer feedback of 20Ft Side Lifter trailer Price

5. Remote Working Around a Side Lifter Trailer Improves Safety

The radio remote allows the operator greater freedom of movement when operating the Sidelifter as they are not limited by the cable connection. The side lifter can also be started using the radio remote. This means the operator can easily operate the machine from any safe location. For example, operating from the front of the Sidelifter is now possible rather than being tethered to the rear of the trailer with a cable remote. 

Radio remotes can either be supplied with new side lifter purchases or purchased separately to upgrade existing units. The operation of both the cable and radio remotes is similar, meaning no additional training is required when units are upgraded to the radio remote.

The remote has two joystick controls, left and right allowing individual control of the left and right cranes respectively. The remote also allows the operator to select the mode required by utilizing the dial to choose: traverse, to move cranes from 20’ to 40’ container position, stabilizer, to deploy stabilizers, or arms, to control cranes. An operator can also move between high and low speed from the remote. The functionality the remote provides enables precise control over all activities making it simple and easy to operate the side lifter.

An additional safety feature incorporated into the remote is the emergency stop button. When activated this will shut down the engine and stop all operations. The joystick on the remote sends varying amounts of the signal depending on how far the operator moves the joystick.

This varying signal is sent to a hydraulic control valve which varies the amount of oil flow to the cylinders and therefore their speed. This allows the cranes to be moved slowly which reduces the amount the container swings. There is less chance of the container over-shooting and ending up in a dangerous position.

Another side lifter often uses a push-button system which can give a stop/start experience instead of the smooth operation that comes when using a joystick. This sends an on or off signal to the hydraulic valve. These ‘full on’ or ‘full off’ alternative solutions can provide jerky, erratic and uncontrolled movements. This can put undue strain on the equipment, can cause damage to the load and be an unsafe option. The container movement can be less predictable e.g. stopping suddenly causing the container to swing.

6. What is Container Side Lifter?

A container sidelifter is a specialised trailer or semi-trailer used to hoist and transport ISO standard intermodal containers over longer distances.

The container side lifter loads and unloads containers via a pair of hydraulic powered cranes mounted at each end of the trailer chassis. The cranes are designed to lift containers from the ground, from other trailers including rolling stock, from railway wagons and directly from stacks on docks or aboard container ships. A standard sidelifter is also able to stack a container at a two containers' height on the ground. If the sidelifter chassis is of 40' length or more, the cranes of the sidelifter can be shifted hydraulically along the sidelifter chassis to be able to pick up either one 20', one 40', or two 20' ISO containers at a time.

As the side lifter is suitable for travelling on general roads for large distances and able to quickly load and unload without additional equipment, it is often used for delivering and picking up shipping containers from within a commercial district. Although these can self load, they are more often loaded or unloaded at the port with a straddle carrier or reach stacker.

Container Side Lifter Video DisplayContainer Side Lifter Video Display

7. Do you know the type of container side lifter?

The traditional container slide rail elevator is a typical in-line model with stabilizer legs in-line and a boom installed. Other models have a double-sided loader and a dagger leg or leg stabilizer.

The container side jacks can also be classified according to the design of the chassis, for example:

Lattice chassis-this is the original design, very unique in nature. This is the most preferred standard design type. It has a low tare weight and high strength.

I-beam chassis-designed to provide customers with another optional chassis benchmark. Therefore, customers can choose this type according to their own needs and comparison with other products.

8. What you need to know about design features of container side cabinets?

The container side lifter consists of the following functions:

Cranes-also called crane modules. These are hydraulic cranes that can lift cargo/containers from the ground, another trailer, a loading dock, a railway wagon, or any other platform listed above from the top of a container placed on the ground. Can be lifted on the chassis and on the chassis. The crane is usually located on the top of the Sidelifter chassis and can usually move along a chassis that is moved by hydraulic motors or hydraulic cylinders to load containers and cargo of different lengths.

container side lifterContainer Side Loader For Sale

Drive power unit-Generally, cranes are powered by diesel or gasoline engines mounted on trailers. However, it is also possible to power the crane through the PTO shaft of a tractor or trailer.

Stabilize the legs. These are hydraulic outriggers used to lift a fully loaded shipping container while keeping the trailer in place. They prevent the trailer from tilting. The stabilizing feet can be adjusted to help operate on uneven ground and increase safety and load limit margins when stacking containers. When lifting a container in a narrow location (such as a trailer deck), the outriggers can be extended and tilted to provide additional functions.

Chain. During the lifting operation, chains are installed on the corner castings from the upper part of the crane to the bottom of the container. There is a special connecting device, when placed between 20-foot containers, the user can lock two 20-foot containers together. In this way, the side jacks can haul them like a 40-foot container.

Cab/Tractor. This is used to pull the trailer. In some cases, it is powered by PTO. This accessory also provides compressed air for the brakes in the wheels of the side lifter. Generally, if the side lifter is not connected to the tractor, it cannot be operated. This is so because even if the power pack is carried by the side lifter, the tractor provides much-needed compressed air for the trailer brake and provides extra stability during the lifting operation.

chassis. The chassis is an important structure. It manages the weight of the loaded cargo/container. Not only that, it also supports cranes.

remote control. This is a device operated by buttons and joysticks, basically connected by multiple pairs of wires or by radio signals. This allows the driver to move around the container and observe the unit from different angles when performing lifting operations.

container side lifterContainer Side Lifter for sale

9.Precautions for the design of container jacks

The container side lift trailer is designed to increase various productivity. As will be discussed extensively in this article, the main content includes fast, safe and flexible container handling operations.

Ultimately, you will be able to reduce transportation costs, increase profits and gain a competitive advantage.

Most importantly, these side-frame trailers will improve your ability to move more containers through fast and safe operations.

This is an innovative design that can increase efficiency, save time and ultimately increase productivity. The following are detailed design considerations used in the construction of the container side lifter.

Container transportation-The process of transferring containers from side lifts to flat-top or skeleton trailers is very simple. When extending the stabilizer, there is enough space for the selected trailer to return to the position under the stabilizer during the loading process. If this is not the case, once the flat top or bone trailers are placed side by side, the stabilizer can be lowered. Generally, there is a clearance of more than 300mm on each side of the transfer trailer.

There is a faster turnaround time from start to finish. Even if the side riser is already equipped with a container, the process is faster.

Details of Container Side LifterDetails of Container Side Lifter

The load can be transferred to a four-axle trailer connected to a four-axle tractor without having to jack up the knives of adjacent trailers and four-axle trailers.

Most importantly, for stability considerations, the lifting module does not need to place the stabilizer legs on the adjacent trailer. The container side lifter can handle containers up to 9'6'.

Stability-The stabilizer legs and outer arm pivot spans of the container side lifter have a large pivot span, providing fast and safe operation even under difficult settings. Due to its high stability, the side loader can lift a considerable weight of up to 45 tons of balanced containers even under undesirable conditions. The center of gravity of the container is about one meter within the stabilizer support line. This is the most stable position you will find in the market. However, there are other options to keep the container's center of mass outside the stabilizer support line. This makes the setting unstable.

Compared with other leg designs that extend downward from the lifting module in a triangular manner, the leg designs are generally praised for their greater stability.

The latter acts as a pivot point and sometimes causes the container side lifter to tip over when loading heavy containers.

Control-The container side jack can be remotely controlled using a radio remote control. A compact user-friendly control device operated with one hand, consisting of a hand-held button control unit, can provide operators with safe working conditions. Using the control system, you can move the two elevator modules with one-button operation and drag the tow bar at a lower speed to achieve fast operation. However, you can control the slower speed when accurately positioning the container. You can also get a fully proportional control system with a handheld toggle remote control system that allows the operator to directly manage the direction and speed of crane movement.

container side lifterContainer Trailer with Crane

Work space-the container side lifter allows you to work in limited space conditions. The initial station pass option has been specially designed and verified to prevent malfunction during loading and unloading operations in confined spaces. With this feature, you can easily place the container on the wall.

Payload carrying capacity-The range of container side lifts available on the market can provide you with side lifts that can manage huge payload capacity to complete work faster. The ultra-light chassis and lifting modules are light in weight, light in weight, light in design, and well designed to achieve this goal.

10. What should you know about the benefits of using container side lifts?

In view of the above design considerations, the benefits that can be obtained by using the container side lift are listed below.

It gives you the opportunity to make many container movements every day. You can safely transfer the colorant to the ground within a few minutes. This improves efficiency and productivity.

The lifting operation does not require many operators and equipment. The trailer driver can unload the container by himself in just a few minutes, and can easily move 20-foot and 40-foot containers using the same equipment. No additional personnel or equipment are required. This makes your operations cost-effective.

The conatiner side hoist has a sturdy structure, making it a reliable device with minimal maintenance requirements. It can handle container movements on any type of terrain and can be used on low-cost dry docks.

It can safely handle fragile, valuable and dangerous goods. Differentiated cargo can be easily loaded and unloaded without being confused with any cargo. The side lift action allows you to safely place the container at the exact location you need to facilitate loading and unloading operations when needed.

You can transport containers by road anytime, anywhere. The independent operation ability does not require the support of other equipment during the loading and unloading process, so that the container can be transported by road.

container side lifterDetails of Side Lifter Container 

Double-layer container. Since they can work normally in a limited space area, the container side lifter can safely and quickly stack fully loaded 20ft and 40ft containers on each other.

Operating cost-the use of container side lifts can greatly reduce operating costs. This is so because the container is usually left to the customer rather than the trailer. In many cases, customers will drag the trailer to stay behind, which is an ineffective way to use the equipment. For the container side lifter, it is very efficient to transfer from one job to another during the whole day of loading, transporting and unloading containers.

The container side spreader can be used to transport many other goods besides the container. It can handle industrial equipment, special containers (such as portable buildings), fuel containers, etc.

The maximum weight of the Sidelifter equipment is designed to be 45 tons. However, constant innovation and development have brought the latest design to 47 tons.

The same is that there is a smaller version of the device, which can reduce the load when a lighter tare weight is required. When using this equipment, the operator has many choices.

They can tilt the chassis by using stable feet that can work on uneven ground. The operator can also control the lowering and raising of the crane, so this can be done.

The most important thing to note is the telescopic chassis of the side lift, also known as the trombone chassis. This type of chassis allows the equipment to shrink and expand, thereby providing the space needed to accommodate containers of 20 feet, 40 feet, or 45 feet.

The trombone chassis unit is especially suitable for small secondary roads where there is not enough corner space, especially for 40-foot trailers.

Container Side LifterContainer Side Lifter Manufacturer Price

11. What is the name of the trailer that carries the container?

Sidelifter is a purpose-built semi-trailer, on which, a specially designed set of cranes are mounted, to lift and transport ISO shipping containers of various types, sizes and weights, up to 48′ and 45 tonnes. Sidelifter cranes can also be mounted on a trailer deck for handling 20′ containers. Most self-loading trailers can transfer containers to other trailers and trailers. Many are also engineered to ‘double stack’ i.e. stack containers two high on the ground.

“We did some thorough research before buying our first container side lifters”, says Mr. Nordine. “side lifter has a very good reputation here in Papua New Guinea and we weren’t disappointed. The people from the container side lifter act very fast and professionally.

It didn’t take long before we had our first unit delivered and after that, it took only half a year before we decided to buy another one. Now, with four trailers equipped with side lifters, we can offer truly great service to our customers.”

The 40ft side lifters save a lot of time, manpower, and money, Container side lifter may come with a higher purchase price tag than its competitors, but the quality of the product is outstanding. 

20/40FT Side Lifter Trailers for Sale20/40FT Side Lifter Trailers for Sale

12. Advantages TITAN Container Side Lifter

TITAN produces trailer containerside loader trailer for loading and unloading 20ft container and 40ft container, TITAN side lifters with 37 ton to 42 ton lifting capacity.

TITAN Sidelifter Container Trailer with wireless remote controller and manual operation, It just takes 10 mins to load or unload with remote controller. with the reliability, effectiveness and safe technology, our TITAN trailer container loader has been exported to y countries in the world, such as Djibouti, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and PNG in 2016.

TITAN Sidelifter Container Trailer adopts wireless remote control technology, you can see how easy it is done, Only one person with wireless remote control can lift 40ft or 20 ft containers and Load and unload containers just takes 10 mins.

Lifting Capacity: Starting at 37 tons in the basic design and available with a full 45 ton of capacity to meet your demands.

A power source, TITAN trailer container loader equipped with Power take-off (PTO) or Diesel APU, While typically the cranes are powered by a trailer-mounted diesel engine, the cranes are sometimes powered via a PTO from the trailer header tractor.

Submerged Arc Automatic Welding Construction, KeyPoint. Purposeful Welding Avoid Some Parts Easier Lose Welding According. Support trailer Longer Time Working Without Repairing.

Bpw, Fuwa Worldwide Best Axles Work With Wabco. Brake Valve, More Effectively Brake For Safe And Save Tire Co. Fix Quality Springs And Suspensions, Support Longer. Service Life, Save Maintain Cost.

Container Side Lifter TrailerContainer Side Lifter Trailer for Sale Price

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Ronaldo Gouveia from Angola - 2022-04-13T11:04:01+0800
Nice product, the 37Ton Side Loader Truck is really easy to use. We have used the side lifter trailers for months. The quality is quite good.
Bright Arthur from Ghana - 2022-03-15T16:03:08+0800
Only time will tell if it will stand the test of time. I have had this for a while now granted, but the 37 ton sidelifter is still working great. I don't regret buying it.
Alfonso Quijano from Namibia - 2022-03-10T14:03:02+0800
Very happy to receive TITAN side loader container trailer. He can load and unload containers in very narrow places. 40ft container side loader trailer is highly recommended. Not only can load and unload 20ft container, but also can load and unload 40ft container
Sameera from Zambia - 2022-03-09T17:03:04+0800
Our container side loader is used to load containers, and it can be used to transport containers very conveniently. The operation is also very simple. If you are new to sidelifter, if you need help, you can use the manual and set up a video.
Muhammad Waqas from Fiji - 2022-02-16T15:02:48+0800
Very happy to receive the 3 axle 40 ton side loader trailer , it helped me a lot, can stack containers, and my working area is very narrow. He can still work. Great design.